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Solar Panels for Business

Due to the ever-rising energy costs, more and more businesses are installing solar panels and opting into the feed-in-tariff scheme. 
The government's feed in tariff have fueled the boom, making solar panels for businesses and homeowners an attractive investment.  You receive a steady income for the power you produce, as well as being able to use it to offset your energy bills.
We assist in all aspects of the solar panel installation, from the initial site survey and specification, through to the design, installation and testing.
Our installation team also have experience of designing and installing solar panel tracking systems which can either be mounted on the ground or mounted on flat roofs of businesses or homes.  This can provide greater use of the usable surface: horizontal mounting enables greater power outputs to be achieved in Wp per square meter of roof area and the modules can be laid parallel to the roof edges regardless of the orientation of the building.
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