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Solar Panels

Alternative Energy Solutions are fully accredited installers of solar panels. We use highly skilled engineers to install solar panels and we use high quality solar panels with long guarantees.  Which means you can have confidence with the knowledge that we will provide an excellent service with minimum disruption to you.
  • Solar panels will reduce the amounts you currently pay to your energy company.
  • Solar panels will save you money.
  • Solar photovoltaic panels or PV as it is also known uses panels of special solar cells to convert solar energy to electrical energy.
  • The cells within the solar panels on your roof silently convert energy from the sun into electricity, you are constantly generating power. 
  • Solar panels are becoming much more cost effective due to advances in technology.  Not to mention rising gas and oil prices.
Does your inverter cut out? If so contact us and we can check and test the inverter and find a solution to the problem.
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Solar Electric Panel Installers Abingdon, Oxford, Oxfordshire
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