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What makes us the Number 1 choice?

If you are a householder or business manager and you are worried about ever-rising fuel bills, future energy shortages and carbon pollution, AES Ltd have a range of solutions designed to really help. We are experts in solar energy systems and our products are made to meet even the toughest energy cost challenge. We are also a fully accredited MCS installer and fully qualified electricians which enable you to claim the Feed in Tariffs. And that means you can trust us to install the highest quality system with the minimum amount of disruption to your business or home.

We use photovoltaic panels which are extremely efficient and of those tested offer the highest return of electricity. The other major component is the inverter. We use SMA inverters which offer the very best return rates.

Most importantly, we listen to you and your budget requirements. We will find the best photovoltaic panels  to match your requirements and provide you with the highest return possible for your investment. We will install your system with minimum disruption, provide you with the Microgeneration certificate and help register you for the Feed in Tariff scheme with your electricity provider.  We can provide assistance with your energy performance certificate (EPC). Your EPC must achieve a Level D or above rating if you wish to receive the highest FIT rate. 

Although the feed in tariff rate has decreased, the cost of solar systems have also decreased which still makes this an attractive and affordable investment.  Solar panels give a good return and payback period for your investment.

Why Photovoltaic?

The sun generates enough energy in 15 minutes to power mankindís needs for a whole year. Photovoltaic modules are an excellent method of reducing climate change CO2 emissions, and generating your own electricity brings independence from the electricity grid. The modules are durable, carry low maintenance costs and have already proven to be the leading option for most applications. Photovoltaic solar energy is also independent of fluctuations from fossil fuel prices.
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