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What is solar…

Over the next century, solar power is predicted to become an important energy source. Solar green energy is one of a range of renewable energy technologies that can produce electricity without greenhouse gas emissions.
Pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels damages the environment, threatens other species and is responsible for many common health problems.  Our fossil fuel sources are depleting which is why we are searching for other sources like the rainforests!

For most of the UK there are on average approx. 4-5 peak sun hours in summer, reducing to an average of 1 hour in the winter. Much energy can still be produced under overcast conditions.

When light strikes a photovoltaic device, the energy of light is transferred to an electron in the PV module where they are collected by electrical contacts. If wires are connected to these contacts, they change the energy from light into useful electrical energy.

When modules are connected together, they form a string of modules. A collection of strings form an entire PV array. Arrays are connected to an inverter to turn the DC output of the array into AC electricity, for use in the home. The system is connected to the electricity grid and surplus energy is sold through the Feed in Tariff scheme.

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